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User Commander will let you manage a huge number of accounts in Windows NT
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User Commander is a program that will let you manage a huge number of accounts in Windows NT.
By using this tool, you will be able to perform actions with hundred or thousands of user accounts without having to repeat the process many times. You can add, modify or delete a big number of users performing the action just once.

In the General Settings you can choose the desired mode of operation (Import Users or Group Members, Copy Users or Groups, Modify or Delete Users). You can pick the users which accounts you want to manage from a text file. The program will save a log with the details about the entire process. You can also define the Home Directory for new user accounts, and specify the settings that you wish to use when copying, importing, modifying, or deleting users or groups.

Without this program, you will need to perform each operation a number times, one by one, no matter how big the list of users to modify, delete, or copy is.

The evaluation version of User Commander is limited to manage up to ten user accounts.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It allows you to perform actions on a large number of users with just one step


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